The Local Foods Wheel

The Local Foods Wheel


    The Local Foods Wheel | Maggie Gosselin

    The Local Foods Wheel is a woman-owned, sustainability focused business founded in 2006.

    Maggie designs the wheels, including bringing the icons to life by adding color to Sarah’s beautiful line drawings; she also designed and maintains this website. 

    Maggie has been working in the area of food and farming for more than a decade, starting in college when she lived and worked on an urban farm. Maggie spent 5 years at the Center for Urban Education about Sustainable Agriculture (CUESA—sponsor of the Ferry Plaza Farmers Market in San Francisco) where she managed educational projects. In 2010, she finished a Master's in food policy at Tufts University and began working for the U.S. Department of Agriculture's Food and Nutrition Service, where she served as a National Farm to School Program Analyst. Now she's a food systems consultant at Dicot Workshop, and a pursuer of creative projects, like The Local Foods Wheel!

    Maggie’s favorite season for local produce is spring, when she enjoys making open-faced sandwiches with nettles and cheese.

    Maggie was raised in Santa Barbara and now lives in San Francisco. 

    Sarah Klein

    All of the local foods icons on the wheels are original hand-drawings by artist Sarah Klein.

    Sarah has exhibited her work widely both across the country and around the globe in galleries, museums, on television and in film festivals. She incorporates her creative work with her culinary interests by teaching workshops, cooking camps and classes at numerous venues. One of Sarah’s favorite artistic themes is the process of making naturally leavened bread, and she collaborated with the musical group Orange Sherbet to create a series of children’s music videos. You can learn more about her work and her projects at the websites and

    Sarah’s favorite season for local produce is early summer when she enjoys picking apricots and making jam.

    Sarah was raised in San Francisco where she currently lives.

    Jessica Prentice

    In 2005, Jessica brought together her friends Sarah Klein and Maggie Gosselin to help her turn the idea of a “Local Foods Wheel” into a reality.

    Jessica is a professional chef and author of the book Full Moon Feast: Food and the Hunger for Connection from Chelsea Green Publishing. In 2005 she co-founded Locavores, where she helps sponsor an annual Eat Local Challenge. In 2006 she and four business partners opened Three Stone Hearth: A Community Supported Kitchen in West Berkeley.

    Jessica’s favorite season for local produce is winter, when she can indulge her passions for leeks and crème fraiche by making lots of soup.

    Jessica was raised in Alexandria, Virginia, and now lives in Richmond, California.

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