The Gravel & Gold print Terrasse was created by Charlotte Mundloch for the spring and summer seasons of 2022.
We love the idea of creating tools out of surprising things around us to get unique results. Inspired by the implements used in paper marbling, Charlotte fashioned brushes out of the fibers of an old broom and rubber bands from the previous weeks' veggies. She also put to work her collection of wood sticks, scrap paper, and leftover aluminum foil.
Working outside on her deck, Charlotte created a series of larger format splatter paintings, using different "brushes" and ink consistencies to achieve more or less opacity and intensity.  

To make the checkerboard framework, she cut up the splatter paintings and re-mixed the pieces together, creating a tile composition.
The Terrasse is a French word describing the outside area of a café or restaurant, a place to drink and dine in the open air.  
Charlotte grew up in France and treasures the relaxed and celebratory way that food and luxurious living are woven into daily life and culture.  The Terrasse print is expressive and lively, it’s made to be part of a well spent life!