Our Spring 2020 print, "Daffodils," was designed by our longtime friend, collaborator, and G&G founder Cassie McGettigan. It's been a treat to have her back in the Gravel & Gold fold. Below are some words and images from her, documenting the process and inspiration behind her print. 

From Cassie Mcgettigan: 

Atsuko Tanaka, Bean Spasms cover by Joe Brainard, Merce Cunningham Night of 100 Solos, Alice in Wonderland, Derek Jarman's garden.

Spring brings on feelings of renewal and growth, but this spring it's been hard to feel so cheerful with snowstorms, election gloom and quarantine measures. I always struggle with spring myself as I'm a winter girl at heart; but I'm forever hopeful when the first wildflowers start emerging. We are constantly reminding ourselves we can still thrive in times of distress. Take a walk outside. Close your eyes and listen to the birds. Wait and watch for the first budding flowers to poke their heads through the frosted ground. Like our girl Dolly says, "When a flower grows wild, it can always survive. Wildflowers don't care where they grow."