This original Gravel & Gold print, “Pulcinella”, was designed and drawn by our own Charlotte Mundloch.
Charlotte finds a wellspring of inspiration for her designs in antique textiles, costumes, and dance. She is moved when she sees fabric come to life– when worn, in motion, integrated into a fantastic vision, remembered or imagined.
The inspiration for Pulcinella comes from Charlotte's family house in Bandol, in Southern France. 
Stripes were on everything in this home– the curtains, the napkins, the pillows in the living room, and the cloth covering the patio table.
The kids room upstairs was striped in yellow and white. The furniture in the yard was upholstered in dark green and ecru bands; there were two chairs in front of an oleander bush where her grandparents would sit, to chat, to read the papers.
Charlotte says:
“The feeling of this house and the feeling of stripes is a reminder of a peaceful time, with no worries. It’s a vacation. You just go, you don’t worry about anything, there is no schedule, things happen when they happen, and there is harmony in the family.
When I see my print, Pulcinella, I think of eating black olives from a terracotta bowl, walking through the open market in the town, and the aroma of couscous and lemon peel”.