Extra Ornament

"Extra Ornament" is a print designed by Charlotte Mundloch for the Gravel & Gold Spring / Summer 2021 collection. 

Extra Ornament is my first experience designing a pattern for textiles so it was a learning experience as well as a creative one. When I began laying paper on the floor of my apartment to define the scale of the print I was inspired and little intimidated by the large surface area I was about to work with. My illustration work has always been in a tiny format. I have enjoyed working with the finest brush, having control of a small space, and being able to easily transport all of my materials. Working on Extra Ornament was a huge leap in scale. To simplify the process I divided the surface into sections and worked, piece by piece. I started by sketching rough background and composition ideas. This was largely influenced by Matisse’s paintings of interiors and tabletop still lifes. I was also inspired by the instinctive approach of the artist Rose Electra Harris. In particular, by a large scale piece (3 meters long by 1.5 meters tall)  that was painted live during an event of a bold and colorful interior.  

For the foreground I bought flowers and reviewed a series of pictures my florist friend Caroline and I have drawn and exchanged back and forth. I was dreaming of beautiful table top, covered in flowers, in an abundant garden where I could be with friends and share a glass of wine.

Painting the background was the most fun for me. By then I had a clear idea and completing it was really satisfying. I spent a whole day and night painting on the floor of my apartment. I love painting this way - working with my hands and body, feeling it all. 


For the flower compositions, I looked at diagrams and images of pressed flowers. There are infinite possibilities when painting flowers. 


I hope this print brings you joy and inspires you to get out in the garden, enjoy your friends, flowers, and a fine glass of something. Perhaps it will even entice you to redecorate, from floor to ceiling ; ) 






 Rose Electra Harris, Oyster Stand With Tulips, 2020
Henri Matisse, Intérieur au rideau égyptien, 1948 
Picture and flowers, Caroline Jean