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"Alphabet" is a design collaboration between Gravel & Gold and Oakland based artist Steuart Pittman. 

Fall 2018

From Steuart on "Alphabet":

I make paintings of familiar forms with meticulous precision. They develop slowly and decisively, though they are directly informed by my drawings, quick improvisations that I make in sketchbooks. My collaboration with Gravel + Gold incorporated this realm of my practice, the loose drawings of elemental forms and shapes that eventually become the compositional elements in my paintings.

I tend to draw variations on about a dozen different forms; a shark's fin, an apse, a semi-circle, etc.. I think of these esoteric shapes as my alphabet, and over time my particular language of drawing continues to refine and reveal itself. This project was so gratifying for me because my painting practice is such a solitary pursuit, and here I was able to collaborate with artists and designers whose work and aesthetics Ive respected for years. To develop the print for this collection, I basically created a range of my alphabet, which Holly and Tomra then reinterpreted into thier own stunning pattern. I cant express how stunned I was to see the finished product, its as if they took the inside of my brain and remixed it into a painting by one of my painter heroes, like Stuart Davis or Ralston Crawford. I think the result is truly in the spirit of Gravel + Gold, and these beautiful garments evoke their radiant stance in our community of makers, friends, and allies.