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Lisa Foti-Straus

Winter 2014

My grandmother had an amazing book collection and "Hatu" was brought about by enjoying the cover of a wonderful catalogue from The 1st Japan Art Festival, published in 1966. The print is named for a myth in which Amaterasu, the first goddess, imparts onto humans a set of prized skills including hatu: to weave. 

I had been looking at woven pieces a lot (particularly Sheila Hick's white pieces) and thinking about how to make a print look like it was a woven. That led me to several new materials, arriving at very super fat sharpie to draw the final piece that became the "Hatu" print. I drew each line along the previous one making it necessary to focus on the empty space between them. At the time I had been learning to throw ceramics and it felt really similar, pulling the pen along the paper in one go; both made me happy with concentration.