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Cassie McGettigan

Spring 2012

Ah yes. “Boobs” came to be because first, I had the idea to make a transparent T-shirt with two opaque seashells to protect a mermaid’s modesty. But then Lisa said that if I really wanted to make a transparent shirt about boobs, why don’t I just make a boob print? And so, many lurid Google image searches and a few friendly flashes later, I did.

We’ve kept the print in continual production since it was first released. In those years, it has stirred many lively conversations about which ones you have, which ones she has, breastfeeding, breast cancer survival, sex, bodies, rainbow spectrum modality, #freethenipple, the tides of feminism. These wonderful conversations I've had standing in line at Walgreens are the main reason I'm happy to have made the print. 

Available now