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Cassie McGettigan

Spring 2015

I was inspired by women who weave to make “Tamboro.” It wasfar and awaythe most ambitious print I had taken on, and I was gratified to gain a sense of the labor and intricacy that goes into complicated textile work such as the ones my weaver-heroes make. I was also pleased to honor the automobiles they all seem to drive when driving in Marin County.

The print is built up using six screens of color, each contributing small stitches of ink. I thought of one screen as like the warp of a loom, with fairly even distribution of strokes across the print field. The remaining five colors are woven in throughout, forming areas of geometric design, knots, plateaus, and two vintage BMW 2002s traversing the sides of two Mt. Tams. There are also renderings of weavings by Sheila Hicks, Gunta Stölzl, Frederick Etchells (a gentleman) for the Omega Workshop, as well as a freeform contribution from Felix Rohan Van Wagner-Meade, age 4, who shared his studio in Nevada City with me.

***That great shot of a 1972 BMW 2002 by Ricky Shull was found here