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Cassie McGettigan

Winter 2014

At the time I made this print, I was experimenting with a few brand new paintbrushes (a rarity) and reveling in the gliding properties of a new kind of liquid acrylic paint I had found. When I look at "Drake," I see the giddiness of possibility I feel whenever I'm in an art supply store.

A quigong expert might say this print has a lot of water feeling going on. Or rather, too much balsamico not mixing with the olive oil but the dressing will still turn out excellent, might say a Californian who has been on the road and misses just a green salad. Or Arabic. Or imitation moiré silk. 

I was also listening to the visionary recording artist Drake a lot at the time—you know that Top 20 treats me right. And once, dining at a restaurant in LA, I saw him. Hi Drake, hi.