Fall 2015

The Milanese architect Gae Aulenti was our lodestar for this Fall 2015 collection. We studied her sublime public projects, many of which incorporate pre-existing structures, as at the Musee d'Orsay and, closer to home, the Asian Art Museum of San Francisco. But it was her own home that most captured our fancy. Layering pop colors and soft textures with industrial materials, she built a domicile for reading, studying, reading, lounging, reading, and enjoying. We set out to interpret what a first class broad such as she might wear as she crosses her steel catwalk, book in hand.  

There are two new prints this season. "Windowpane," designed by Holly Samuelsen, nods to Gae's frequent dispatching of a grid to unify disparate elements in her buildings. "Hatch," designed by Lisa Foti-Straus, is another interpretation of grids and smart layering. The thin crosshatching lines recall architectural drafting. We also revived Cassie McGettigan's print "First Falls" as a softener, in vivid blues and Bay Area tones, a woman's-touch in homage to a woman-architect. 

Paris modeled for Lisa Foti-Straus's photographs taken at the San Francisco Art Institute.