Pae White & Joe Meade

Tomorrow night, New Langton Arts will be hosting an opening for In Between the Outside-In, an installation by Pae White featuring the bombastic ceramics collection of our dear friend Joe Meade. Pae White Last year, Pae did a residency at the For-Site Foundation up in Nevada City, where she made a three-dimensional scan of the landscape, including an 800 year-old massive oak tree, a wild raspberry bush, and the manzanita grove growing on the property. She also had the opportunity to meet and befriend lovely Joe, who helps to keep the place going. For her show at New Langton, Pae will be examining the act of collecting and nature of collections. She has taken the scans she collected during her time at For-Site and worked them into a morphing animation that will be projected in a chamber along with reflected and refracted light, so that viewers are immersed in an environment that seems immediate and familiar, yet beyond their touch. Then also, Joe's very tactile collection of functional studio ceramic—culled thrift stores, flea markets, and from well-known artist—will be there, with each piece telling its own story of value, aesthetic, lineage, and function, while, for the first time, the collection as a whole will make its statement. I can't wait to be there. The opening will run from 7 to 10. New Langton Arts is located at 1246 Folsom Street, between 8th and 9th Street.

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