We Seek A Garden Exchange

Tulip Road SignTO A VERY SPECIAL LAND-LOVING ARTIST, GARDEN GROWER, GROUP ENTHUSIAST SLASH WANTS TO MOVE OUT TO BOLINAS AND MAKE IT HAPPEN TYPE O'PERSON: We've got the hook up for you. Pictured here is the lovely and full-of-love Gravel & Gold satellite house, up on a wooly windswept mesa in West Marin—Bolinas to be exact. We attempt to have people call it Cairo—the place all the pyramids, and the life-giving Nile, call home. It's one funky 3-4 bedroom structure, typical to the region, with two cabins in the backyard, typical to the neighborhood. Cairo- front Others call this place home, too—chiefly Cass and Lisa when they are not working on the shop-space in the city. Then, on an official part-time basis, our household boasts of Sara, Jana, Levi, Britty, Ian, and a semidetached Ms. Meara. And of course we welcome lots of unofficial yet necessary friends. We like to work on craft projects, walk to the ocean, leaf through incredible home decorating books from the 70's, sit by the fire, project movies on the wall, surf, host Mama Monday, play music, dance party. When we all gather together, the table looks something like this: Cairo tableAll this is fine and very dandy. Another thing that's totally great is the beautiful land upon which our house sits, that right now is most certainly a yard. However, and here's where you come in, I say: Let's make this a garden. Cairo backyard Cairo greenhouseIndeed that is a wee greenhouse you see to the left, at this time filled with an indefatigable cherry tomato plant, some oregano, some seedlings. In front of it are a couple raised beds that protect our chard, kale, and full-sized tomatoes from the gophers. And yes it does look like this today, in the middle of winter. You are also seeing two plum trees, an apple tree, and lots and lots of open space to develop. Some of our ideas include building a chicken coop, filling it with chickens who lay delicious eggs, planting lots more vegetables, installing more driftwood sculptures, more sculptures of all kind, planting lots of sweet smelling flowers and tall, nice noise making native grasses. A tee-pee could happen. Totem poles. On the side yard, we're thinking an outdoor shower and/or some cast iron bathtubs would do just fine: Cairo side yardWe seek an exchange. We're hoping to find a body who would like to take on this garden project for at least a month's time, preferably much longer, awesomely though the growing season. Some experience with cheerful gardening and willingness to hang out with a bunch of super nice people is a must. There is lots to do and we cannot do it alone. Nor shall you. We offer you our hands and backs, when available. We also offer a living situation, funds for supplies, a seat at our table, and a position of honor in our household. We view the yard-to-garden project with a great deal of creativity, experimentation, pleasure, and grumbling tummies craving a Victory Garden of our own. If you would like to join us, please get in touch by writing to dig@gravelandgold.com or by coming by the shop.  SPREAD THIS WORD AROUND!

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