Everyone, Archive!

We all spend too much time sitting and looking at computers. We know this takes us away from our precious thrift store scrounging and flea market finessing. We know it is a pity. On the up side, there are people out there recording their design finds with gusto, which we share, and precision, which we admire. This is soothes our anxiety when planning how we intend to organize and disseminate our own obsessions. Knowing that somebody is already on the Stair Porn case, which is all and only about stairs, and Books at Home, which is all and only about bookshelves, and Stapler of the Week, which is, you guessed it, all and only about staplers, provides a certain cushion. These archives, friends, are taken. As for my brilliant plan to share all and only about wooden shingles, their layout and weathering patternsI believe the task falls to me alone (so far). nevaclogj-60 elcascoyellow hotchkiss122-pbox hotchkiss122-p All of these images come from Stapler of the Week, which I discovered through A Continuous Lean. You'll see when you visit this great archive how many specimens strongly resemble smiling, slightly nervous-looking whales. Of course, this is pleasing, though it serves to remind me of yet another archive I have queued upFound nature objects that look like they're smiling. For example, a whale of my own: whale rock And my crown jewel, just as I found him (I swear): smiling rock

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