Trees for the Tub

West Marin TreesLisa and I just got home from visiting Leila Castle at her lovely cabin up in Pt. Reyes Station, where we picked up a stash of bath salts to be made available at the shop. Leila first started working with essential oils and natural botanical perfumes over 25 years ago following a course she took on wildcrafted fragrances at the old bookshop up in Nevada City. She has been creating goddess blends, mixing personalized scents, and teaching aromatic alchemy workshops ever since. Today she works out of her kitchen at home. We selected a variety of bath salts called West Marin Trees, which includes essential oils of Bay Laurel, Eucalyptus, and Fir that when taken together, particularly in a hot bath, unlock the dazzling sensation of coming home to our beloved mesa. We hope to share the thrill far and wide. goatie shack snuggleAnother thrill of visiting West Marin that has yet to be captured in a fragrance is visiting Leila's goatie neighbor snuggling up to his goatie shed in the afternoon sunshine while his hen and miniature horse friends scamper about. Our attempt to bottle his deep feeling of contentment is underway.... mini horse

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