Our Neighborly Snorky

Snorky head onToday is like sweltering hot July in January and no one in my neighborhood can quite make up her mind whether to celebrate or to commence the rain dancing or to just walk the dog for a really, really long time. It seems the gentleman across the street from us has decided to treat the ecological Fates to a bit of yard work with the trusty aide of his dragon truck, Snorky. My neighbor does the chainsawing, Snorky does the hauling and contributes bursts of steam to the atmosphere, and perhaps an answer will come our way.

france53My, my, you say. Who is this Snorky, you say. I'd like to know more about this Snorky, you say. Where did your neighbor come up with the inspiration for this Snorky, you say. Well, friends, that's one of those really practical questions that my neighbor is totally disinclined to answer. But a bit of research turned up all kinds of possible seeds of inspiration, all of them worth sharing. For example, from the French, we are gifted with the delicious possibility that Les Snorky lies at the root of it all. And we can even buy a vintage action figure to go along with our enthusiasm! epshot_snorkyOr from the Simpsons Wiki page, we learn that "Snorky was a leader of greap of evil dolphins in 'Treehouse of Horror XI'" that Lisa frees from a sort of Sea World-esque nightmare park, kicking into motion the dolphins' plot to take over the world and endangering the citizens of Springfield. Of course! One must never forget the evil dolphins. Hell, there's even a Snorky Dolphin on Facebook! But I don't do that so I can't tell you much more about his relationship status or anything. Any how, my local Snorky is pretty OG. Perhaps he has has something to with the Snorky identified in the Puppet Wiki, "Snorky is a full-bodied elephant puppet character from The Banana Splits Adventure Hour." Promising name for a television show....Certainly the fellow pictured at the top of this furry pyramid looks like he deserves a steam blowing automobile named in his honor....o_banana_splits Hummmm.....In any case, in my dictionary of awesome, Snorky is just another name for a whole lot of love. And that's all there is to it. Cass, Ian, and Snorky

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