Lady's Best Friend

If you believe that discipline is all that divides a creative person from a true artist, then Sandra Hartness, aka Sandy Paws, has got to be the undisputed drill sergeant of the sublime. leonardoodle

Leonardoodle. Ma'am, yes, ma'am!

Ms. Hartness has won at least seven first place awards due to the art that happens on her pet Cindy. Each design is executed on the clock in under two and a half hours, with just a bunch of Manic Panic, some scissors, and some serious vision. cindychicken1

This chicken can cross the road to get to me any old time.


Coordinating medieval princess costume: Check!

Definitely make a point of visiting Sandy Paws' website, where you can appreciate further incarnations of Cindy as a camel, a hippie, a peacock, a martian, and beyond. And let this new year's resolution be to make the time to make your own very special art. Hooray!

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