Some Friends Are Poets

We're having a POETRY READING! Come on over to the shop this Monday the 29th for some oh so lovely post-holiday-poetry from Lily Brown & Joshua Marie Wilkinson. The duo's passin through town for a conference, and we at G&G are thrilled to hear their work with a little post read wine and hang. We'll get going around 7pm at 18th and Treat Street of course! One of my favorites from Lily: Smaller Gulls Before I want the tree a mile up to shakeMade by Sarajo Friden its blond leaves to the pavement. From my spot I think it odd that birds don’t shit on us more often. We’re right here ruining the sand. I too further the obesity of gulls. For years I’ve let them steal my sandwiches and sealing wax. That with which we stamp our selves we stamp with our selves. Sink of emblem in hot wax. Lies that swap stories with heart.
Lily Brown is the author of two chapbooks, The Renaissance Sheet, published by Octopus Books in 2007, and Old with You, forthcoming from Kitchen Press very soon.  Her poems have appeared in Fence, Pleiades, Tarpaulin Sky, Handsome, and Coconut, among other journals.  She lives in Chicago.
Joshua Marie Wilkinson is the author of four books, most recently The Book of Whispering in the Projection Booth due out from Tupelo Press very soon. With Solan Jensen, he is the co-director of a tour film about the band Califone, also due out next year.  Born and raised in Seattle, he now lives in Chicago.

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