Enjoy Drew Christie!

[youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n6Lwse9jCU8] Lisa and her collaborator Susannah clued me in to this delightful short film, "For the Warewolf Have Sympathy," which they recently came upon in the course of their deep diving into the depths of the life and times of Michael Hurley, seeing as how it's set to one of his tunes and all. The film's creator, one Drew Christie, who despite being thus named, has managed to occupy his attention away from the Thespian pond of awesome that is his right by virtue of having been named for both lady author-heroes of the Mystery genre—Nancy Drew and Agatha Christie. Instead he has put his good talent to work producing sweetly supernatural animations and drawings for us all to enjoy. After you've enjoyed "Warewolf," many times, I suggest you enjoy "How to Bring Democracy to the Fish," which won The Seattle Times's 2007 Three-Minute Masterpiece Grand Prize. 

Finally, you may enjoy these drawings, as I do. Do I whiff a waft of Kliban-ish irony in this here rendering?

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