Find Us at The Treasure Trove

....not to be confused with "finding us" at one of our Diamond Jubilees. Though, you know, fair usage. Dear ones—if you find yourself at the mighty Treasure Island Music Festival this weekend, please do come and find us camped out in the The Treasure Trove zone. That's where we'll be accepting the cupcakes. Plus! The ever-excellent Triple Base Gallery has kindly asked us to participate in an extension of their "Open for Business" show, where artists, inventors, (or in our case) lady shopkeepers shall be engaging in the trade of goods, services or information with the public. We'll be there from noon to 2:30 on both Saturday and Sunday, inviting craft-conscious concertgoers to contribute the location and details of their favorite Bay Area artists/crafters/DIYers/chefs/innovative lunch box packers to our Maker's Map. We then have grand plans to convert this crowdsourced treasure of information into a reciprocal trove of usability with a beautifully rendered, fully annotated map to be delivered via PDF? Printed bandanna? Messenger pigeon? Maybe all of the above. We'll be sharing our time slot with Travis Meinolf—weaver of extraordinary blankets and ponchos—and Iris Benson, who will invite visitors to join a loom jam session and create "Industrial Music" while participating in a cloth workshop with amplified mini looms. So stoked on that. Later in the day, you can catch Tim Nutt from, who will conduct interviews with people about how they experience music, and Shashanna Chittle, who will be offering intuitive energy drawings. Then Kyle Mock will be creating personalized keepsake paintings for booth visitors, and on Saturday, Suzanne Husky will offer an array of services from landscaping advise to chair massages. On Sunday, friend of the shop Alissa Anderson will be transforming old Treasure Island Music Festival T-shirts into reusable tote bags. And all the while, you can line up for your very own Triple Base silkscreen on the poster, tote bag or pair of skivvies of your choice! It's an alt art commerce frenzy! Thanks Joyce and Dina! ***Oh, and FY(obvious)I, the shop will be be closed on Saturday to accommodate this project and our free concert passes. We offer our heartfelt apologies for any inconvenience they may cause.***

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