I'm A-Capturing Zee Emma Moment (cue naughty backwards skipping)

Profile of an awesome lady. We went to Berlin. We met Emma. And a fourth joined our threesome.  Emma knows things. She knows about evening belly dancing classes, non-creepy co-ed hammams, superior nutritional gummy bears, how to look insanely chic in one single piece of fabric, and.... where to call upon the Bell Man, and... when to bust out the pen and paper so to make Cassie very very happy with a game of exquisite corpse at The Old Berlin, and...  how to discretely match with your friend Nile, everything there is to know about flats, and.... when to call it quits, in style, with the strictures of a lifelong vegan diet (answer: a fur hammock). Emma, we totally pine for you, girl. Come visit! We have a party, jah?

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