An Overdue Appology to the Clocky Man

Dear Mr. Clocky, I have made a mistake and I am sorry. You love Clockies and that's swell. I would like to support your love by apologizing for the lack of Clockies awaiting when you came to call at Gravel & Gold . You see I was not yet aware of the sweet little wheeled ringers and therefore mistook the true object of your eager phone call to the shop some weeks ago. Allow me to explain. A series of calls placed by an overly interested male party led me to mistake you, Mr. Clocky, for the admiring party who had been ringing up the shop and asking for ridiculous objects as a thin guise for flirtation. Here's what went down, ego be dammed: Phone ringing. Lisa: Hello, Gravel & Gold Mr. Clocky: Hello, I was calling to ask, if you carry alarm clocks on wheels? L (Assuming it was the unwanted suitor and thinking it best to acknowledge nothing and play along): Oh sure of course. MC (Excited.): Really, how many do you have? L: Quite a few really. Probably 15 of them. MC: Oh. L: Yes. MC: So, well, how much are they? L: They range. From about $50 on up. MC: Ah. I see. L (feeling the matter had been well dealt with): Yes. MC: Well thank you very much. Goodbye. L: Sure thing. Bye bye. It was only several days later after Nile had been tending the shop that I learned of your sad visit. She was confused, you were certainly confused and I am remorseful. It was then that I hopped on the great wide web only to discover how dangerously close to the truth I had been and that you, dear Mr. Clocky, had been my unwitting victim.

Turns out this is a Clocky:

And to make matters worse they retail for $49.99.

Sometimes a great guess is a direct hit.
Please come by again sometime, maybe I can make it up to you by running around and making droid noises.
Lady of Gravel & Gold

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