Spotlight on Pulcinella

Center Stage at the Vogue Theatre!

It is a typical, misty, foggy morning when the G&G team arrives at the historic Vogue Theater on Sacramento street. This is an ideal location for a photoshoot featuring our latest textile print, Pulcinella, which calls on references from Stravinsky's ballet.
We are led through the double doors and into the dim theater, rows of seats sloping towards the red curtain hanging at the stage, gold floral molding framing the screen, glowing. To really set the scene, they turn on the only music the theater plays over the PA system, 1920s piano ragtime. As the music carries us to another time, we begin.
The Vogue Theater is part of the growing CinemaSF theater family, also including the Balboa Theater and  4 Star Theater. The Vogue is the second oldest continuously operating theater in SF, after the mission’s Roxie. For more than 100 years the Vogue has been a home for movie lovers and creatives of all kinds. For example, this past July the release of  “Vogue's Greatest Hits Vol. 1" on tape was celebrated with a rock concert at the theater, a growing regularity at all of CinemaSF’s theaters. The tape features over 10 bands, all with members who have or had worked at the theater. We recommend staying up to date on the Vogue movie and live event schedule! 
Thank you, Vogue for having us!

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