Inside The Great Escape Studio

We recently checked in on Sofia Nohlin of Great Escape Studio as she started work on a ceramics restock for Gravel & Gold. 

Dreamy light poured in through the east-facing windows of her Mission District studio, casting a golden hue as she showed me around. Her loop candle holders, Incense Stations and wall hanging have been long time favorites in the the shop and it was a pleasure to see them in process. 



Sofia is a transplant from Sweden who decided to settle in California after a month long bicycle tour across the United States with her husband. Sofia previously worked as a fashion designer and stylist in Sweden. She picked up ceramics in 2014 as a way to play and explore after leaving the rigor of the fashion industry.




 We met Sofia soon after she moved to San Francisco, when she walked into  the shop while exploring the neighborhood. We became fast friends and mutual appreciators! Here she is working in the Gravel & Gold Yuba Wash Denim Painter Pants and Marram Jacket : ) 



What I appreciate most about Sofia's work is that it looks and feels uniquely hers. She has a true personal style that she brings to every aspect of her life; from the presentation of food at a dinner party,  to the layout of her backyard garden, you can always see her mark. 





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