Gravel & Gold x The She's

This summer we're looking for inspiration in the creativity that comes from killing time, the joy of doing what you love every day, and the freedom of being "on the road." Our muses: The She's. 

The She's are an all girl, San Francisco indie rock band that have been playing together since high school. They have toured the US and Europe and managed to stay the best of friends. These days, a She's show is rare, as all members are all  involved in other music projects. I recently spent a Spring afternoon with 3 of the 4 She's as they prepared for an upcoming reunion show in Golden Gate Park. 

I was dazzled by their chemistry on and off stage and was reminded that the bonds formed through creative collaboration are some of the strongest. 


We're definitely looking forward to incorporating some girl-rock-band-on-tour energy to our summer plans.





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