Dressing up our new denim with Lea Carey


Lea Carey is a human we've long admired. She came to work for Gravel & Gold shortly after graduating from college and put in a significant chunk of time with us as a shop gal, instagrammer, illustrator and graphic designer. Some years ago she sailed off to NYC with her myriad of talents and we've been itching to get back in collaboration with her ever since.

Lea is from San Francisco and was brought up with an appreciation for the history of craft in the bay area. You can see it in her shapes, lines and figures. There is an organic, nearly weird, tidy but kinda psychedelic vibe to what she puts on paper. You can check out the scope her work here

Building on this common appreciation and wanting to celebrate our new, upcoming denim style - The Mare - we called upon one of our favorite Bay Area craft texts, Native Funk and Flash to explore one the bay areas more eccentric, craft traditions - denim embellishment.

This month we'll be hanging Lea's painted Mare Pants in the shop to admire. Come check them out and try on the new Mare!

For those of you feeling inspired to enhance your pants, we also collaborated with Lea on an embroidered patch that is an easy way to add some flare to your favorite denim, bag or hat.

PS. The first 15 folks to purchase the Mare pants get a complimentary patch!


The Mare Pant 

A slimmer variation of our beloved Placer Pants, these jeans hit the sweet spot of flattering and comfortable. With a super-duper high waist that fits a range of bodies, these pants show off your waist while allowing room for curvier hips and butts. They’re tough enough for running errands and cute enough for an impromptu night out. 

The narrower ankle makes them bike friendly as well! 

Cut and sewn at a renowned denim factory in downtown SF, CA. 

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