A (Free) Midday, Midweek Workout with Brooke Fleming

To celebrate the launch of our new, movement friendly clothes we teamed up with our friend Brooke Fleming to make this 30-minute full-body workout video!  

When Brooke asked what kind of flow she should put together, we suggested something uplifting to help get us out of our midday, midweek slump. We hope this class helps combat the classic, 2:30 pm, post lunch lethargy and gives you a nice reboot so you can make it over hump day with ease. 
This class incorporates vinyasa style yoga with body weight resistance to build flexibility and strength. It is appropriate for all levels. Enjoy! 

Brooke is a certified yoga teacher and group fitness instructor from San Francisco. She teaches power yoga with a focus on breathwork to help facilitate mind/body connection. Through emphasizing proper form and alignment, she strives to train students to practice safely while deepening body awareness. 

If you enjoy this sequence you can check out more of Brookes classes and videos here.



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