Stained Glass Jubilee

Nile is amazing. Stained Glass For example, we've been talking about this stained glass window that she was to make for me for years and years, as it simmered and stewed in the backs of our minds, and just when the lady is full tilt ahead with nursing duties and shop duties and music projects and on and on, she goes and whips this business out in her free evening time over at Cradle of the Sun. It is so bright and juicy in real life, I can't begin to show it off here. Plus the diamond center of the diamond center throws rainbows all over the room. R.I.P. Michael, girl. Y E S. It is.


  • miss sarina eastman


    the woman is amazing

  • April

    I’ve always wanted to learn stained glass and this is EXACTLY the type of beautiful thing I imagined making. Love it!

  • daniel


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