Scott Lenhardt and the Twenty Four Hour Woman


Scott Lenhardt, the artist behind the lovely Twenty Four Hour Woman, spent the past week with us in San Francisco. It culminated in an awesome art show with a new series of paintings completed during a week of rain. 

We've been fascinated by the mysterious Twenty Four Hour Woman for years so we jumped at the chance to get the inside scoop from her main man, Scott. 

When did you start drawing her / the Twenty Four Hour Woman and why? 
I started drawing her about 6 years ago. She was just a doodle that came out for no reason, just for fun and to break up any heaviness in my studio practice. There are certain shapes people draw without thinking while they doodle and her body shape was what would come out of me all of the time. Then I started really getting into her hair.
Why a woman and not a man?
Men are weird looking.

Why is she naked? 
Because she's cool and confident and doesn't give a shit.
What is her name? 
There's a few. I'm not good with names. I want to get a dog, but then I think about names for it and I get anxiety.
But when she is doing something a little risky, like sliding across the hood of her car flashing a badge - that's Deb or Barb. When she's doing something a little more mellow like knitting or painting a decoy duck, that's Bonnie (a name my grandmother came up with).
Is there anything she'll NEVER do? 
I don't think so. A lot of people say 'I have a great one - you should draw her giving birth!'
That would be cool, but it might just be too intense of a doodle.
What is her drink of choice and what is yours? 
Anything with Malibu rum. That white bottle is perfect. Or maybe a Miller High Life. That's another sexy bottle.
Ditto for me.

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What other projects are you working on? 
I just finished a big portrait commission that was pretty intense. Oil on linen classical style, about 4 X 5 feet. It was a nice departure from drawing hundreds of little ladies.
Next I have some pet portraits to get to and then I'll get started on the new drawings for the 2017 calendar.

Do you have any rituals? 
Yes, lots! I can't think of anything specific right now, other than calling my mom every Sunday. Rituals are important. 

What do you do when you need to find inspiration? 
Walk around, Stare out of the window, Watch TV with the sound off, Hide under the covers and listen to metal.

Scott's Gravel & Gold Top Picks
The artist's favorite items for sale at the shop! 

Carved Mugs by Zoe Dering

Thanks to everyone who braved that rain. 

Original drawings of the Twenty Four Hour Woman


Beautiful flowers from Katie and one of Scott's new paintings

The Gravel & Gold girls with Scott. 

We are all the Twenty Four Hour Woman. 

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