Gift Guide: Loose Living


Roll Your Own
- A loose leaf blend of Mullein, Coltsfoot, Uva Ursi & Lobelia. Included is a pack of raw organic hemp rolling papers. Our newest organic smoking cessation blend for those “hard core” smokers. Use to replace unwanted smoking habits, clean toxins from your lungs or just relax.

Hex Bottle Opener A fantastic object to consider, to fondle, and ultimately to use. Solid brass.

Opinel Folding Knife and Corkscrew The corkscrew bit has its obvious utility. The blade we like because it's easier to care for than the carbon option and it's big enough to handle bread slicing along with cheese slicing when we're indulging in the picnic times. 

Ceramic Connector in Blue The ceramic connector by Miwak Junior is an object of beauty in both form and function. It might provoke curiosity at first glance. The viewer might wonder, what is this? But after a quick once over, you will know.

OLO Calcine Incense - Notes of cedar and vetiver to fill your space. 

Juniper Ridge Incense Desert Pinon - Scents of sweet pine, resin, desert campfire and chiminea.

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