Gift Guide: Off The Grid


Striped Knit Hat Navy
- A cozy rib knit beanie made from 100% British wool.

Beeswax Travel Candle - Nothing vibes up a grumpy car camping trip, seedy motel, or earthquake emergency like these handy 100% pure beeswax travel candles. 32 hours of bright light, sweet scent, and soul protection from what goes bump in the night. Help is on the way!

Tiny Homes - This book profiles 150 builders who have taken things into their own hands, creating tiny homes (under 500 sq. ft.).

Inverness Almanac Fall 2015 - The Inverness Almanac is the result of a deep love of place: The place is coastal Marin. 

Wigwam Cypress Socks Navy - Cozy high-quality socks all the way from Sheboygan, Wisconsin. 

Opinel No. 8 Folding Knife - The classic No. 8 has a beechwood handle and 8 cm folding carbon blade.

Areaware Flashlight - Unconventionally simple and eco-friendly, this flashlight belongs on the table, not hidden in a drawer. 



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