TRICK out your home dome or TREAT yourself to a witchy ritual

1. BEESWAX CANDLE : 32 hours of bright light, sweet scent, and soul protection from what goes bump in the night.

2. PALO SANTO : Mystical, holy wood that energetically cleanses and purifies. (And! Bonus! It smells pretty lovely too.) 

3. THIRD EYE : A vibrational remedy that strengthens intuition and psychic powers.

4. MOON ANGEL DIVINATION CARDS : Tarot cards, runes or tea leaves : whichever way you choose to divine, a new set is in the mix. Use your intuition, let your gut be your guide and the moon be your mentor in this intuitive exploration.

5. PRIESTESS POTION : For aligning with lunar cycles, this remedy calls in the energy of the moon mother, the sacred forest medicine and the divine feminine. 

6. CHARMED HONEY : Witch-crafted raw wildflower honey, charmed with the spell of Abundance to sweeten life with just what you need. 

7. CAST IRON BOTTLE OPENER : Iron magic, made especially special by Carson Terry. 

8. INVERNESS ALMANAC : The Inverness Almanac is the result of a deep love of place: The place is coastal Marin. Breathe in the pages and be transported by that mystical Marin mojo! 

9. BOUNDARIES IN A BOTTLE : Witch-crafted, on the full moon eclipse, this spray helps to purify and protect you and your surroundings.

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