Rachel Budde wears Gravel & Gold

When designing our clothing we are, more often than not, inspired by women at work.

For our Spring and Summer Look Book we put our clothes on Rachel Budde, the queen witch powerhouse behind Fat and the Moon, a range of handcrafted, herbal body care products made in small batches from organic ingredients. The brilliant Oakland based photographer, Terri Loewenthal, captured the moments.

Rachel guided us through San Francisco. In the morning we gathered plants, she taught us their benefits and at the end of the day she used these plants to prepare an infusion.

 Rachel wears the Capra Dress in 'Hatu' in our shop.  


We went to Buena Vista Park, a mist covered hill nestled in the center of San Francisco. The steep hike to the top (575 ft. above sea level!) rewards with a panoramic cityscape. It’s San Francisco’s oldest park which is evident in the cobble stone steps that connect the winding trails through live oak groves and eucalyptus trees. The park is home to birds, squirrels, some little snakes and the occasional gopher. An ideal place for atmospheric wanderings!


Rachel forages wearing Volta Pants in 'Tamboro' and the Nezette Top in ‘Ivory'.



Rachel shared her knowledge of the plants we had found: Mallow can soothe the digestive system or heal skin troubles when applied topically, Eucalyptus can ease respiratory ailments and Nasturtium encourages hair growth.


Rachel wears the Nata Dress in 'Tamboro' as she familiarizes us with our plant findings. 



In the evening, Rachel used some of the young Eucalyptus leaves we had found that morning to create an oil infusion. 


Rachel wears the silk Short Shorts in ‘Hatu’ and a Taurus top in ‘Drake’ while she prepares a potion for us.


Below is Rachel’s recipe for a passive oil infusion of Eucalyptus:

First, harvest some young Eucalyptus leaves. Lucky for us, they like to grow at the base of the big mama trees well within our reach.

Chop the leaves up with scissors or a sharp knife. Fill a mason jar about ¾ of the way full with leaves.

Choose your oil. We favor olive, sunflower or almond oil. Pour oil over the leaves until you fill the jar. Put the cap on, but don’t close it too tightly - we want the water from the leaves to be able to evaporate.

Store in a warm place for one month. This requires patience! 

Once you and it are both ready - strain the leaves and keep the oil! Use it as an invigorating after bath oil or rub it on your chest when you need to breathe easy.

 Rachel bathes in the 'Tamboro' Short Shorts

The day ended as all good days should: with a witchy flower bath. While we recommend taking it all off for your own bath, it might be the most environmentally friendly way to do your laundry!

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