Public Domain, Awesome Domain

In the course of researching ladies in profile sporting obscenely large Princess Leia jewelry, the same obsessive boat shape in lots of different colors with little bits of calligraphy beside each one, Virginia Woolf, Japanese pipe smoking beauties, and how to balance a tray of plastic fruit whilst modeling a curious bikini top, I recently happened across an amazing resource that satisfies my every requirement. The New York Public Library runs a great digital gallery chalk full of incredible images from their expansive holdings. However, a warning: Do not visit this site late at night in need of rest or before attempting to fix yourself a wee supper, as you will accomplish neither one.

That said, and now that you’ve gotten a taste of the loveliness, I heartily encourage you to go take a look. And, if you call San Francisco home, I suggest you take your image scavenging to the next level by visiting the Prelinger Library in person some time. That is where the real treasure awaits….Now, you ask, does this have anything at all to do with a tiny metal-clad shop in the Mission? Certainly.

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