Offering: Sock Puppet Carnage, Dance Moves

I’ve already received a lot of encouraging feedback in regard to my Stevie posting yesterday (note our first official comment!), so I thought I’d just go ahead and let a couple more of my music video cats out of the bag.

So this. Is. The. Macromantics. Apple Crumble. Video. In my former days working at various, ahem, undisclosed big-league publications, I managed to sneak this video onto all of their various blogs. And now I have come to claim my own opportunity to share it as I see very, very fit. Some things to watch for: the Corey Haim shout out, dance moves, sock puppet widowhood, the thing she’s doing with her mouth when wiping up sock puppet blood with a squeegee, also when clutching the huge battle-ax, gold SF bling, spiral severed head shot, sock puppet celebration dance, ghost celebration dance, final outfit-check bow….I could go on.

Oh, and don’t stop there. Lowrider metallic teal leggings: Is she cool. Yes she’s cool. Fuck she’s cool.

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