Calling All Artists: Ceiling Installation Needed

Handy with fake flowers and a glue gun? Love yourself a band saw? Have visions that include aluminum foil and pipe-cleaners in the shape of clouds and comets? Some ideas of your own, thank you very much? We want you to dream up a ceiling installation for the shop!

As visitors to the shop may be aware, our space has been entirely transformed by hand from a concrete and cinder block bunker to the warm and woody jewel box that it is today. The last remaining surface to escape the crafty hand is our ceiling, which is about 13′ x 10′ of corrugated steel, interlaced with miscellaneous pipes and electrical boxes. Some visitors have commented on how much they like the industrial look of it juxtaposed to the more antiquey plaster, wood and sisal down below. And so do we! But we think it would be a lot of fun to change it up a bit, and we’re totally open to whatever direction that might take.

We are currently prepared to handle any and all installation proposals that come our way and look forward to setting up some sort of quid pro quo situation that will make us both very, very pleased (as in, ahem, a lifetime supply of stripey shirts, ahem ahem). Keep in mind that the best way to attach things would likely be by making use of the pipes or stretching your composition from the vertical walls….But again, we’re open! Feel free to come by to gather inspiration or email your brilliant ideas right away to dig[at]’t wait to hear from you!

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