Imaginary Foundation Awesomeness, Imaginary Skills

I am pleased and honored to announce that we have recently joined the ranks of illustrious outfitters carrying Imaginary Foundation T-shirts. These “surreal streetwear” gems—long-coveted darlings of the゠Boing Boing crowd—are conceived and printed right here in San Francisco. Hooray! We’ve got four excellent, man-friendly styles available at the shop as of now. And while some of them do feature stripes of a sort, we Ladies wholeheartedly welcome a change up in our daily stripey shirt routine.゠

Besides, if Imaginary Foundation duds are good enough for crazy steezlish NeoDadaist hyper-nerds, they’re good enough for Usher. And it goes without saying that what’s good enough for Usher is fantastic for the rest of us. So come on down! We’ll get you suited up real sharp in one of these puppies right away.

And, just in case you find yourself wondering how we make all these fancy fancy T-shirts and plain ol’ stripey shirts sit so nice and pretty, one on top of the other on our shelves, I would like to say to you that perhaps we fold them up like this:

Or, perhaps we can get you to imagine゠we have the skills to fold them up like that. Now, if you do actually have the skills to make that happen for real, then we have a job at G&G with your name on it, my friend.

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