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Alright, y’all. The first round of limited edition, crazy-excellent Gravel & Gold T-shirts and tote bags are finally in!

In the face of this level of awesome, an explanation just seems like rainbow sprinkles on top of chocolate sprinkles. But since we Ladies happen to like that combination, I’ll go ahead and let you in on some of the things you see happening here.

So a while back, friend of the shop Joe Lewis let us know that when one looks at our name spelled out all at once, oh say when one scopes, one may be seduced into reading it Graveland Gold, which is creepy and super appealing at the same time, especially for a vintage store. This led me to compulsively doodle G & G gravestones with diamonds underneath, the celestial California poppy above ground,? and the hallowed ghost of Janis Joplin flying overhead, singing “Get It While You Can” with a winged bottle of Southern Comfort accompanying her. We sent one of these doodles over to the good folks at Ape Do Good, and a few days later, Ta-Dah!

Hottie Tino body and matching tank top NFS.

Word to the wise: Don’t double cross Janis. Get it while you can, in all the colors.

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