Road Trip Right On

I just got back home from a whirlwind road trip with my man posse—we caught friends + babies in Tuscon, a pack of bloodthirsty coyotes in New Mexico, heat lightening in the West Texas hills, Olympics on TV, maddening heat overall and family in Austin. We sadly left Leif to hook ‘em horns, cowboy hats kept on for breakfast, pillow toilet seats, and word of dinosaur tracks in Boise City. Caught more friends in Denver/Boulder, torrential rainfalls, an incredible human keeping the pump alive in Echo, Utah who had to lock up early so that he could get home to wash the dishes, a shocking number of hipsters and a great vegan restaurant called Sage’s Cafe in Salt Lake, and it’s back across the Bay through the fairy fog to surprise the Ladies manning the shop this fine Saturday.

Totally Taco X-Press Totem Pole. The look of a mega pie enthusiast who has just discovered credible pie milk shakes at the most amazing roadside stop ever, Charlie Brown’s, somewhere in Arizona.

MATCHING! They lurv it.The hands-down Dark Master of Texas. Road love.

This western country is good and vast. We have road tripped many years and it suits us. The road is the same, but more spendy.

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