I Love My Diamond Jubilee!

Since co-founding Gravel & Gold with the amazing Ladies, Cassie McGettigan and Lisa Foti-Straus, I have had the pleasure of being a member of a true girl posse. Being a part of a girl posse has many benefits, among them is the magnetic and inertial quality of the girl posse itself.

Not surprisingly, awesome girls seem to draw together, collect and attract other awesome girls. Magical Angel Isalnd Show brought us beautiful Sarina Eastman (who can be found at Foreign Cinema on Monday nights), our very own ActivSpace has brought us lovely Kim Yap-Tam who is helping us all with our beautifying needs, and truly, there are too many marvelous Aunties and wonderful girls to name here. We each bring a bevy of phenomenal women from our lives as offerings of potential friendships and opportunities.

Recently, on the fine isle of Great Britain, Lisa was able to reconnect with her long-time friend and mentor, the dear Sister Wendy. Sister Wendy deserves a blog post all her own, but right now I will only mention that she just had her “Diamond Jubilee” which “is a celebration held to mark a 60th anniversary in the case of a person (e.g. wedding anniversary, length of time a monarch has reigned as King or Queen, etc.)”.  For Sister Wendy it marked her years wearing her quintessential habit. ?Such an occasion deserves great admiration and respect. So, when Lisa returned from her sojourn to Sister Wendy’s monastery she told us of this Diamond Jubilee situation, which kicked off our thirst for language play and ensuing hysterics. We couldn’t help but notice that the phrase “Diamond Jubilee” was an excellent name for a Ladies private nether-regions. We have all seen or heard lists of names for our sub-equatorial zone: down there, pussy, snatch, vagina, cunt, pun-tang, punani, twat, box, peach…call it what you will. But, just as the formal anniversary deserves respect, so too does that special sweet spot. ?So, Ladies, do not forget to think of “it” with respect and perhaps whisper or, dare I say, shout “I love my Diamond Jubilee!”



Amazing graffitti happening spyified on the streets of Berlin.

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