WindWalkers: For Each Toe A World of Comfort Unto Itself, or, How Snails Do

We have been busy bees these days clearing out our shelves to make way for the amazing bounty of new-kind fabulousness at the shop. You know, out with summer, in with the summer weather, and right on with the shearling booties of your dreams.

This past weekend, Lisa and I had the great pleasure of visiting Angél Fiorito-Leddy at her WindWalkers leather studio up in Bodega Bay, right next to the beach.  Angél has designed and made custom leather footwear and clothing since 1977, when she got her start over at The Leather Shop on Folsom Street before making her way up to Oregon to fine-hone her leatherwork skills.

Her first passion is fabricating custom moccasins according to your heart’s specifications—and Lisa and I lurked up on several such pairs at the studio that would blow your mind.

However, Hallelujah, several years back (way long before Uggs, mind you), Angラl came up with a genius high-top sheepskin slipper that can be made to standard sizes instead of measured to fit. Her design, good for both gals and guys, features blonde or chocolate suede on the outside, crazy cozy wooliness on the inside, several rows of friendly tufting, a rubber outdoor sole, and a wee pocket up top for your wee carriables—all this, plus they’re machine washable! And handmade with love! Addictive! And amazing.

These little moon boots really mold to your feet and provide such an oasis of warmth and safekeeping, it feels like you’re bringing your home with you at all times. Make no mistake: They’re precisely the sort of plague footwear that your dad spies you wearing one time and then wants a pair for himself, and so your brother does too, and then you’re all calling each other to discuss the fine print of your respective workplace attire handbooks, and you find that in no way are you prohibited from wearing little heavenly homes on your feet to important meetings, and you don’t see why you shouldn’t, and besides your handbook never does get it right, does it. Or in any case, this is Lisa’s family’s story. I warn, I warn.

Here’s Lisa, the very model for increased worker productivity following a strict sartorial diet of blonde WindWalkers.

We are super grateful to Angラl for allowing us to carry WindWalkers at Gravel & Gold. Thank you!

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