Polaroidification Application!

Visitors to the shop may have noticed that we like to maintain a Polaroid archive of our most satisfied, fierce-looking customers, with the prints tucked around the big turquoise mirror in back and stuffed in every drawer, nook, and wooden cranny. Many concerned visitors, aware that we are living in the End of Polaroid Film Days, have asked us what we’re going to do once our stock of viable film has run out. And while we’ve assured them that we have stockpiled plenty and have observed the proper preservation precautions—keeping the packages sealed, storing our stash in the fridge, only busting it out when it’s really, really important (which just so happens to be often)—we recognize that even we are not immune to the realities of expiration dates and over-abundant documentation opportunities. And I confess, behind closed doors, we did fret.

But not to worry, bunnies, we’ve got a brave face for you once again. I have discovered an excellent new application called Poladroid that does an incredible job of converting your regular digital photos into digital Polaroids—saturated colors, fortuitous blurring, fade out corners and all! Amazing!

It’s super simple to use. Just go to poladroid.net, download and launch the application, drag your photo to the camera icon, wait a few, and your “Polaroid” print will creep into focus. Hurray!

Also, I’ll share one thing I figured out after a bit of fooling around. I had a hard time figuring out where my photos were being saved once they developed. Turns out, if you go up to “Preferences” in your “File” tab, you can choose where you would like to save your pictures. It couldn’t be easier or more satisfying. And though you miss out on the one-of-a-kindness of the real deal, you might just make up for it in your ability to pick the best shots to Polaroidify and then so easily share the love far and wide.

A Poladroid of a Polaroid, featuring our carpenter-helpers Joey Joseph and Keith, strategically installed in a shop dressing room cranny.

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