Cabin Comforts

Nothing beats a cabin. Am I right? A nice little cozy cabin, everything in its cozy place. A private world of your own that at the same time encourages you to live at a reasonable scale with the world at large. Preferably one that is energy efficient and easy to maintain….

So then maybe tee-pees are more excellent. A tee-pee may be better looking, with an even smaller imprint. Or a yurt. Or a lean-to. Beach shack. Or a circus caravan propped up on a foundation like my neighbor has. Or an earthquake cabin for you city folks. We like to call ours a cabin-palace.

Camp Cairo portrait by Sara Bright.

Camp Cairo portrait by Sara Bright.

Fine we’re in Englandlet’s call them sheds, then, and write about them every single day on this on this amazing blog.


Ok we’re in Joshua Tree and we’re wearing the same extraordinary outfit we made ourselves every single day, kicking back, enjoying the art star lifestyle in what we’d like to call a wagon because we’re Andrea Zittel.

Finally, we’re in New York City, of all places, working at the Times and we call them urban oases, or pods, and frequently admire them in print. Ah, you see! We’ve done it again today (good on you, Jeff and Lois Shelden).

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