The New Buy-Cycle

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Setting aside the terrifying prospects for our parents’ retirement plans and for Detroit and for students needing help for college and for everyone’s general economic wiggle room, it seems to me that quite a few standard measures for living modestly and well in this current economy are actually way more fun than how we were going about things during the boom. barack_1Planting a wee Victory Garden for your herb + veggie needs, hitting up the thrift store before the chain store, staying home to cook more often, going for a hike outside instead of going to the gym….Yes, please!

And I’ll tell you what looks good, too—this cartoon citizen who first traded in her gas guzzler for a more stylish and sustainable mode of transportation back the 30’s in an effort to revitalize the economy following the Great Depression. Man, do we need her back. Next stop, Prosperity for this patriotic lass! And we can all have a really good time drafting behind her with our baskets full of reasonable-sized parcels from Gravel & Gold (wink, wink). Now, if only we had a trustworthy leader to help us on our path….Obama biking

Voilム! And yes, that’s him on the tricycle, too. So then, Admirable Quality #730: Lifelong stylish cyclist.

(Images from two great bike blogs, Copenhagen Cycle Chic and Riding Pretty.)

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