Happy birthday wishes to Robert Nesta Marley, who was born on this day 64 years ago. Bob’s favorite singer, Mr. Dennis Brown, was also born this week. They both top my list of impossible dream shows to see.

And since I wasn’t able to attend this amazing performance seeing as it took place before I was born, I’ve decided to recreate the set in my backyard this weekend. All are welcome to lend a hand. OK then, let’s have another, one in which I would like to honor the audience member turned backup dancer with the post-its all over his pants:

FYI, the title for this post was taken from one of the ongoing reggae shows that are going on down at our community center to raise money for a solar panel rig at the fire house. Another one they had was called the Solarbration!, both of which are way too good for me to claim the credit.

shake-your-peace-hill-top-wideTonight at the community center, should you call yourself a local, SHAKE YOUR PEACE!, StitchCraft, and Sonya Cotton Band will be kicking off their Winter Walk/Music Tour wherein they plan to travel from gig to gig, down the coast to San Francisco, on foot. Ian’s been hyping this throw down all week. The show starts at 6pm and will benefit the community garden.

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