One to Many

the partisan galleryFriend of the shop Alissa Anderson, MoMA superstar Tauba Auerbach, and Adobe Books maestro Andrew McKinley join an assemblage of twenty artists from New York and San Francisco to explore the shadowy nature of artistic reproduction by way of the everyman xeroxbane of the unpaid intern, chosen medium of The Partisan Gallery foreman Chris Fallon. The artists have made individual books that are packaged together as a limited edition boxed set, available at the reception-party this upcoming Thursday, February 19th.

Alissa Anderson

Jordan Stein

Julia Leonard

Jack Sears

Tauba Auerbach Daren Wilson Jasmin Lim Leslie Shows Julia Leonard Whitney Hubbs Lindsey White Sean McFarland Emily Prince Keegan McHargue Jack Sears Alissa Anderson Sarah McMenimen Matthew Kennedy Jordan Stein Paul Wackers Chris Fallon Noah Wilson Andrew McKinley Jake Longstreth

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