Event: Happy Birthday Februarians

Despite its modest length, February does a bang up job with the birthdays. Yoko Ono, Gertrude Stein, Shakira, Rosa Parks, Bob Marley, Rip Torn, Babe Ruth, Gypsy Rose Lee, Mark Spitz, Abraham Lincoln, Jimmy Hoffa, Ice-T, Smokey Robinson, Ansel Adams, Buffy Sainte-Marie, Nina Simone, Anais Nin, Pierre August Renoir, Fats Domino, Johnny Cash—the celebrity list does go on.


The Amethyst, birthstone to the Februarians.

In our view, these birthdays have not been celebrated enough, to say nothing of the dismal job we’ve done of partying in honor of our own dear friends’ special days (beginning with, ahem, Lisa, whose birthday is today). So then, a week from today, Friday, February 27th, we’re throwing a cluster-party to celebrate all February birthdays. And as a bonus to those who consider themselves humans with a February birthday, including you leap year folk, you’ll get a special 28-29% off your purchases. Come on by the shop from around 7:00 and we’ll settle this score. Hurray!

Lisa + Snorky

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