Mission Street Food: South Carolina BBQ

Mission Street Food is a rad foodie project begun by Anthony Myint, former lead line chef at Bar Tartine. Anthony started out last October, serving delicious fancy food once a week out of a subletted taco truck, The Antojitos San Miguel, on Mission Street. With minimal overhead cost, Anthony was able to cook for all kinds of people, at a lost cost to them, without the investment risk of opening a full-scale restaurant of his own. The experiment proved a smashing success. So much so that Mission Street Food has graduated to pirating a brick and mortar space, Lung Shan Restaurant on Mission, Thursday and Saturday nights. Each week, a guest chef is invited to prepare a delicious meal, with profits going to charity.

mission food

This Saturday, before heading to Blue Six of course, I advise all to come fill up on South Carolina barbecue. Bud Teasley, formally of Incanto and now Boccalone, and Carlo Espinas, formally of Piccino and now Bar Jules, will be doing the chefing. Blenheim Ginger BBQ, Tater Boats, a Pudding with Nilla Wafers….Profits will go to 826 Valencia, a non-profit writing center for students ages 6 to 18 located at—you guessed it—826 Valencia Street.

826 Valencia

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