I’ll just come right out and admit that I am one who talks in her sleep. I have been told many times by family and friends that after my teeth begin to chatter, signaling that I have fallen asleep, I move on to downright verbal chatter. Of course, the worry is that I might say something foolish or embarrassing. Thankfully, this potentially unfortunate incident has never come to pass (that I know of). Also, I’ve heard that people don’t tell secrets in their sleep. Well, good.

Because I have the tendency to sleep talk, I have always been especially thankful that I haven’t crossed over into somnambulation. Although I have seen a man sit bolt upright in the middle of the night and unconsciously inquire into the darkness, “WHO?!”, I have never been a first-hand witness to a full-blown sleepwalking circumstance. Don’t you have a cousin or a friend who has a cousin with a story about another cousin getting up to pee in the fridge or wander the block in pajamas?

Here is some footage for which I feel a great deal of comic sympathy. I’m sorry, little Doggie, that you are not actually chasing bunnies on the plain.

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