Tonightings on Market Street

7:00, Get Lost Travel Lloyd Kahn Slide Show


Lloyd Kahn is giving a slide show of the road trips that lead to Builders of the Pacific Coast, the most recent installment on owner-built homes from Shelter Publications. The first Shelter book, published in 1973, is the central green builders’ inspriation for “simple homes, natural materials, and human resourcefulness. It is about discovery, hard work, the joys of self-sufficiency, and freedom. It is about shelter, which is more that a roof overhead.” (That’s Lloyd in the good ol’ preface).

This most recent volume features extensive spreads on three master craftsmen—Lloyd House, Bruce Atkey, and Sun Ray Kelley—who have built fantastic structures from natural and reclaimed materials up the coast from Northern California to Vancouver Island, British Columbia.

Builders of the Pacific Coast

To read more, and especially to see more pictures from the big three books—Shelter, Home Work, and Builders of the Pacific Coast—you can pick up your own copies at the shop.

After, Burgers at Zeitgeist? “Warm Beer, Cold Women” & pretty vintage nudie ladies on the matchbooks.

9:00, Cafラ du Nord Music from Geographer, Michael Zapruder & Harbours

Cafe du Nord Poster

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